Facing stiff competition?
If so, you're in the right place.

We solve difficult marketing problems.

1. It's hard to find distinction in saturated markets.

Bring something new to the marketplace by refreshing your communications through strategic brand positioning and design.

2. Your prospects are overwhelmed by the volume of choices in the marketplace.

We make it easier for prospects to forget about your competitors through strategic positioning and branding.

3. There are too many ways to use your marketing budget.

We don't assume that you need to follow the conventional rules of digital marketing. Let's develop a strategy without confusion.

4. "I sell a niche product or service that is hard to understand and sell."

We distill complex ideas into simple written and visual communications.

5. It's difficult to access decision makers.

We find creative ways to get your message in front of executives and influencers.

Our Approach to Creating Memorable Brands

1. Business or Brand?

There is a well documented phenomena which shows that, regardless of the merits of the product itself, people consistently report that wine taste better if it's expensive and has a nice label.

In other words, if people think it's quality, then it tastes quality, and if people think the wine is cheap, then it tastes cheap.

Do your products have to be good? Of course. But in many cases, what separates a commodity from a beloved company, is brand.

The same principle is true if you are selling industrial adhesives, surgical equipment or professional services– whatever. A good business, plus a good brand is what people are looking for: don't simply be a business build a brand.

2. Remember what you really sell.

A lesson from the VW Phaeton fail

A few years back Volkswagen designed a new car to compete with high end manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. It was a spectacular failure and production ceased in the US several years after its launch. Why?

VW was focused on creating a genuinely high quality car that had all of the features that you would expect to find in a $60-80k car, however they failed to recognize that customers buy things for what you can't see.

People buy expensive cars because of status, and while the VW brand could provide a comparable product, it couldn't provide the status that customers are looking for.

What intangible things do you sell? Security? Intelligence? Confidence? etc.

3. You simply can't tell them that you're great.

You have to show them.

Many B2B businesses and professional service firms don't appreciate how skeptical their audiences can be. Oftentimes companies will discuss the virtues of their firm in a way that is simply not believable.

All of your competitors are going to say that they are experienced, trustworthy, and offer quality products or services. Prospects will not only be skeptical of these claims, but they do nothing to differentiate your company in the marketplace.

Instead of saying how great your company is, show prospects through the way in which you think and talk about the problems and opportunities that you are trying to address through your business.

Alternatively, social proof one of the best ways to show your prospects how great you really are. See one of ours below.
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